Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Last year Shawn & I went to Embassy Suites and had Thanksgiving dinner by ourselves. This year his mom flew in. The morning was spent taking a leisurely walk down to the bridge. The fish were jumping and everyone was out walking their dogs. 
Lunch was delicious. We dined at Riverside Hotel, Thanksgiving style. Byron, our server, was so gracious. I'm telling you, we'll do this every year, unless we're with a big family. 
We came home, put on stretchy pants, and napped.
Shawn gave us a little country concert.
And I made three six layer bean dips and my annual rice krispy treat turkey ( see 2010s, 2011s) for work's potluck. The only mess I made in the kitchen. But less of a mess with help of the Cusinart from mom! 
Now I love a well set table, and that's the best thing about a big dinner to me, but for now, we're taking the easy route. One of these days, we won't be tied to work, and will have a big family dinner. I miss them!

And now here's what I am thankful for:
- My family getting bigger and spending quality time.
- Our sweet little home that we own.
- Prosperity in our jobs
 -My wonderful Hubby being so sweet to me every day
 -My beautiful Bully
- My civil rights and liberties and much much more!

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