Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Uh-Oh, BHLDN Moodboards!

I am sure you've been to BHLDN's website by now. If you haven't, here are some situations in which a visit is a must:
If you are 
1. Planning your wedding,
2. Helping plan a wedding,
3. In a wedding,
4. Married, but still addicted to all things "wedding."

(FYI, Category four is perfectly acceptable.)

Then you must take a look at the mood board tool. You can gather inspirational images from your own collection of those of BHLDN's, and make a board to guide you through planning process. Or you can do what I did and spend hours making boards and wishing you were a foot model so you could wear all those fabulous Chie Mihara and Vivenne Westwood shoes for a paycheck.
It was so easy! You can make them "public," or "private.' Work on them as long as you like to get your desired effect.
Here are mine:
I call this first one "Dance with Me."


 The next one is called "Soft Surprises." It's very textural, and soft to the eye. A few things are soft to the touch. Guess what they are.

 And this last one tells our story. I call it "Let's run away together."

Can be found [here].

We didn't really run away together, though. We stayed here.  It turned out eloping isn't as romantic as it sounds...but it makes for a great mood board!

BTW, the BHLDN store opens this fall in Houston! Maybe I'll stop by when I pay my Houston family a visit.

Make yours at

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