Tuesday, November 30, 2010


My Hubbs is no ME, but he does good work.* I am impressed with his efforts yesterday.  He has the sweetest of intentions, and made me a happy, happy old lady.

He gets overwhelmed by the three big events within a month from each other, but I tell him we have the whole year to think about it. I remind him that my birthday will not take a backseat to our anniversary (within the same week), or Christmas. Each day has its own special meaning.
It always bothered me that the season from October to December gets treated like one big retail-obsessed holiday.  There are so many great holidays in there, but they all get mushed together. I love the season and fall is my absolute fav time of the year, but can't we relish each holiday without stocking the shelves for the next one right away?

(*Sigh*) I know the answer is no. I work in retail.

I am just asking for Halloween and Thanksgiving and my B-day to be over before decking the halls. In my house, not the ones everyone else's house. I understand families get together only a few times a year, so you gotta decorate while you got 'em captive. That being said, there is no excuse to not make each of our momentous occasions especially distinct from each other in our house.

This year was a bit different, though, with all the reception hoopla, and the fact that I didn't wanna make a big deal out of this birthday. 
"I am so handsome it drives my momma crazy."

The day was fabulous. I was served pancakes in bed. I enjoyed a leisurely walk with my hairy son, took in this little fat robin in the back yard.

"You want to squeeze me!"

After work, I got ready for our dinner date. I met him at Taste of Thai, glass of wine in hand, as planned. I enjoyed watching him walk in with a pink bag & box. Dinner was tasty and we made it to the 10:15 showing of Burlesque (Disclaimer: I sat through The Inside Job on Thanksgiving with two finance guys, Interesting, yes, but I felt like I was in class. I told Hubbs I wanted to see Burlesque after all the derivative talk). The movie was entertaining and we cut up like teens, being the ONLY ONES in the theater! We laughed a lot, made our Cher impressions, and went home for more gifts :).

Showing off his bling mug, munching a tiny biscuit
I am so proud of him for trying so hard. He makes me happy, and I feel lucky to be loved so unconditionally. We make each other better people.

Stay tuned for our (actual) first anniversary this Friday! I got him the perfect paper gift!


*I am obsessed with perfection, of which I usually cannot achieve alone, but I try anyway. Sometimes get disappointed, but am learning to let go. By the grace of God, help from my mom, and my Hubbs, I am learning. Its tough.

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