Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Recap: Thanksgiving 2010, and more Food!

Thanksgiving this year was easy, breezy, and intimate. Shawn, Mom Whitmire, and our friend Brah decided to go out to eat. Wasn't feeling the planning and the clean-up this year. Dinner at Printworks bistro was yummy. I always love eating there for the food and the furniture.
Dinner was followed by a movie and relaxation. Perfect.

A couple of days before a few friends and I gathered for an early Thanksgiving meal, before people go their separate ways for the actual holiday. A Fakesgiving, if you will. Fakesvinging was coined by friend Lindsay's Kansas City friends, so I must give them credit for this awesome tradition. One of her friends' makes a turkey of of Rice Krispies, which is one best idea ever! I love food that resembles other food! I marvel annually over her pics. This year I decided to make one.
My Crispy Speckled Hen!
made with Cocoa Pebbles & Crispy Rice
This platter was a gift from a friend :)
The spread also included Chrissy's tasty glazed ham, deviled eggs and my favorite side dish, hash brown casserole. And wine, of course.

We didn't make a big deal out of presentation. That was the point. But the food was good.

And so was the company.

Who wants dark meat?!
 More food?
 In trying out new things and keeping it fresh at the Whitmires,  I made this last night. I'm pretty proud of my bravery, and the fact that I made a meal without involving cheese!? Small triumphs, people!

From the Kitchen Bible:
 Potato Gnocci with a sage lemon butter sauce and Danish Meatballs.

He loved it.
Danish Meatballs, page 336
Gnocci and sauce, page 218
  Great serveware makes me want to eat well.

 Thanks for the cookbook, friends!

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