Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Photo Booths!

I love them!

from Green Wedding Shoes
 They're whimsical, nostalgic, and fun. It an activity for your guests, a great backdrop for memories.

It seems they are more and more common.

Our invitations featured photobooth pics.


There are these doors at Studio B that are lead to storage closets...

I can cover them up with a back drop...

And give my guests a photobooth! This will go perfectly with certain items I'm ordering for the candy bar that are wax and look like red lips! Oh, did I mention the candy bar? I'll elaborate on that later.

Thao, Brandy, Me, Ads.
Even funnier during the "set up."
Who needs to pose, really?
This past weekend Hubbs & I drove to Atlanta to see mom & sis. We stopped by my friend Adriane's 30th birthday celebration (its THAT time for us!) and her friend Brandy had set up a photobooth. I've seen them on her facebook page, because its one of her thangs. Finally, I got to be in one.

Add your own caption with chalk paint!

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