Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A slightly whiny registry tip

  Have a wedding or housewarming gift registry?

Here's a tip: Register for lots more dinner plates than you need!

See the above photo? There's no coming back. This plate had previously been reinforced with marine epoxy. You can see where that broke off, too. It looks like putty chips. :( :( I loved these. More sad faces. :(    

This sucks because now I only have four more of this color. They were my everyday dinner plates, so now I'm shopping for a new pattern. Of course, these are not made anymore. I think.

So my advice is if you're going this route of patterned plates that aren't in a store's normal stock, get like 19 of them. One day, when you get to that point where you have a 16 person dinner party, you would have probably broken a couple. Then you still have one extra. (Or just get white ones, and stop being difficult like me.)

Also, don't defrost a frozen chicken breast on your pretty plates. Get a white plate from the Dollar Tree for this, instead. I'm sure that crack started out as a microscopic fetus of a crack and grew with the radio waves.

So here are my options, what do you think? I like them patterned with some red.
1. Persimmon Plates
2. Tattered Lace Plates
3. Calico Red Plate
4. Beardy Man Plates,

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Woke up on a leisurely Saturday morning with plans to have a friend over, go to the beach, and have a couple tacos. On the way to the Mexican restaurant next door, Shawn's mom calls. They chat for a minute and then she drops the bomb:

Aren't you going to wish me a happy birthday?

The husband curses and apologizes. My eyes grown wide in disbelief. Oh no, he forgot his mom's birthday, which means we forgot his mom's birthday.

So today I made a Walgreens Photo book of her recent vacation pics. The hubbs had mentioned that she wanted something like this. It was very easy to upload and create. There was even a 40% promo in my e-mail for photo books. I made this book in 15 minutes, and told him to look at it. Which he didn't. I told him to leave his credit card and her address before he left for work, but he didn't. I really want to grab him by the shoulders and give him a big shake. Maybe something will stick!!!!

Normally, I wouldn't be so upset, but you shouldn't forget your mother's birthday. Or you wallet, or your house keys all in one week. I don't know what more to do, besides making sure he takes his vitamins, reciting his to-do list before he walks out the door, and assuring he carries a purse.

Is this normal? Or should I be worried that he'll forget to pick up Shawlani from school? Is three tasks too much for a man? Or is it my responsability to remember whatever he forgets? How can I not sound like a nag?

So many questions...

(and I'm serious about that purse!)


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Automatic y'all

Not bad, Aldi.
Wanna know our secret for saving money on groceries? Coupons, no, this is Florida and no one doubles. It never quite works out and I usually end up leaving the store with two boxes of brand name cookies that I never buy. I've probably said this before, but Aldi is super cheap for surprisingly good quality. I hope there is one in your neighborhood because I always hope the best for people.

Just make sure you have a case quarter.

So on the way from Aldi is The Flamingo Road Nursery's Farmers market. It's like a a mini Fresh Market. This is where I get bread,  milk and Boar's Head meats. They also have cage free farm fresh eggs. No offense, Aldi, but I still don't trust you on these items. I've seen too many documentaries and I've become more particular with age. But it's perfect, because it's on the same road (and they have samples)!

Last time I was there I stocked up on "Southern peaches." I wouldn't touch California peaches with a ten foot pole. It's not a southern thing, but a fruit thing. See for yourself.

Also, the sample guy was surprised that I answered his question of "What are going to cook tonight," with "squash casserole." Everyone else had said they were juicing for dinner. Sorry, dude, but I like to cook, and I get a self-serving sense of satisfaction from watching my husband eat. The South Beach diet can wait. It's not as fun watching him suck up dinner through a straw.

And it was a good casserole. (The Weaver D's recipe, here, but less butter/lard.) Automatic y'all!

Btw, that was a southern thing.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


   Today I strolled along the mall and decided to splurge on my hubb's fancy shaving stuff. Then I came home from work to warm lasagna and gooey chocolate chip cookies. He is currently doing laundry.

Marriage was a good idea.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Baby holding practice

  Last week I got to hold our neighbor's two week old baby girl. I've never held anything that new. It was awkward at first, especially thinking, "how would I like to be held?"  She was really squirmy, so maybe I need to reevaluate that question.

 Also, the tiny thing kept trying to nurse on my shoulder. It took me a minute to realize that she wasn't banging her head on me like that baby in The Change up.

It was adorable, even if she never found what she was looking for.

The husband is telling everyone that we'll be expanding our little family next year. Yes, we plan to get another dog, is my answer. Until then, this furry creature is our bebe:
Chilling in the shade at Markham Park.
Don't worry, mom, you'll have your grandchild one day ;)