Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas lights: in progress!

We were so excited to put lights on our palm trees this year. OUR PALM TREES! Each of those three words is something we're getting accustomed to saying. So, to get in the Christmas spirit, we decorated today!
If you know Greensboro, North Carolina, where we used to live, you know of Sunset Hill's Christmas light balls. We tried to re-create those here. We watched the YouTube video on the lawn and got it right after the first ball.
and the lights...
with a few added balls
 I think we have a very tasteful light show. We'll add more balls, and suspend them from the foxtails. The magic is in the suspension, as they appear to float. Right now they look like coconuts, which is appropriate, too.

This house 2 streets down did a cool thing-fish!
and here is the video. The story is very heartwarming. It makes me nostalgic for this neighborhood and these huge trees. Shawn and I are determined to start in up our neighborhood, bringing the tradition with us. Hope it catches on!

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