Wednesday, July 25, 2012

This is where we've been

4th July fireworks on the beach
Oops, I've been meaning to post. It's been since the 4th of July? We haven't really gone anywhere but just had stuff like decks, gates, landscapes, and couches on our minds. I'd normally say, "Here is a sneak peak of some projects we're working on," but you will hear that too much over the next 30 years. So here is our house, and house, btw, means project:

 Jackhammers. Weekends at Home Depot. Can you handle this domestic excitement? Nothing is quite finished yet, but you can keep up with my visions on Pinterest. Oh yeah, Pinterest is another reason I've thrown this blog into abandon. And some home reno and design cool blogs I've discovered:

I'll get more in depth later! 

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