Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bathroom before and after

    I came to the realization that I didn't love my house yet. There wasn't one room where everything was just how we liked it. We know that we're extremely fortunate to own our own home, but we know we were buying the potential more that the house as it was. It was kind of a roller coaster of emotions after closing to begin all the changes.  This house definitely was move-in ready.  Now we're making it Shawn, Leilani, and Bully ready. 

BUT NOW, I really like our bathroom! It's still got that 1950's tile that we can't renovate right now. We've made some small changes, and added personal touches, and

It's coming together y'all!!!

This was before:

The whole house is painted the same beige color. We brightened up the bathroom by painting the walls white. We used Behr Premium Plus Ultra. It's got the paint and primer in one can.

This was on the wall before. It was from Ross. I know this because the tag was still on it. In fact, most of the accessories in our home are probably from Ross! I took it down immediately, and have re purposed it. I'll show y'all later:

We bought the cabinet from Home Depot, similar to this one, but in Espresso.
On the wall, we installed glass shelves from Ikea, $14.99 each.
The small box of eucalyptus came with the house. 
The natural baskets are from the Philippines.
The tea lights, Ikea, $1.99
The wine decanter, $12.99 is from Ikea and will house my mouthwash.

Knob, $6, from Anthropologie:

Kate Spade Vase, $35,from Macy's:

And these place mats are from Crate and Barrel, $7.95 each. 

I decided to stop using fabric because it literally turns black within 1 day of washing. Yuck. Hopefully that will change when we sod our yard. It's all sugar sand and weeds right now, and ends up all over our floor.

On top of the toilet, I added this Crate and Barrel platter, $9.95 for more dimension. It's similar to this one, but more flat. I got this little dish at this little antique store in downtown Greensboro, NC.
It's really nice and peaceful now, which is essential for a room we use several times a day. I can't wait for you to come over and see it!!!

UPDATE!!! I was scouring other blogs, and this post is our bathroom (well not our bathroom, but someone else's before! Their after is beautiful and one day we'll fully reno. Weird!)

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