Sunday, April 13, 2014

Rubi's first day

    Ruby has been part of our family for a full day now. We have gotten to know her more, mainly her pee habits (goes outside, can use a pee pad) and her poo habits (still working on those) and her likes and dislikes (likes human companionship, dislikes bright lights). I think we've got the hang of the new puppy thing.
   And, yes, we call her Rubi to the general public because I can't always make up my mind and because it's so much easier than explaining her overly dramatic name that was essentially an inside joke between my hubbs and me.
     How is Bully handling his new sister (or granddaughter, or new trophy wife, I've not yet decided)?
He avoids her and is waiting for her Florida vacation to end. I give him three weeks to come to terms with reality. 
 He won't even look at her.  He makes no effort to hide it in this body language. It's pretty rude.

He tried to hide in a house plant. 
 I had to force this paw bump.

 and take this photo at and angle that looked like he cared:

So far, they co-exist, and that is pretty good in our book.

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