Saturday, April 12, 2014

It's a girl

Look out world, we added another Whit' !

Meet Erubiella Whitmire, or Rubi if you prefer.
She is an eight week old Maltese and Daschund mix that we adopted just hours ago! Shawn and I have been looking for a puppy since last September and finally found 'lil Rubi. She came from Saving Grace and Her Furry Friends Rescue and I am so glad we waited to find the right pup.

I mean, she and Bully are tail twins!
Shawn is very, very set on spoiling her. He is treating very much like a human baby and has stated we will purchase a babybjorn so she can accompany him while he tends the yard.

Please, please,  consider adopting!  The rescues are full of animal people are always looking for the best homes for their animals. They want you have the right match and are often sacrificing so much.   Saving Grace, Warm Hearts Rescue, and Justin Bartlett are great Florida organizations that I've personally worked with, but there are countless others out there.

and now, the out takes!


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