Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Three years

Year three came to a close yesterday!

 I really didn't make a big deal out of it like our first and second anniversary. I even forgot to look up the traditional wedding gifts for the third anniversary. I really could have used some leather leggings!

Since we just came back from two major trips to Mexico and Illionois, work full time, and bought a house this year, we didn't need a big celebration. Does this mean we're old married news?

Actually, we've decided our gift to each other is another four point house inspection to protect our home owner's insurance, and Maria, our maid. That sentence was so mature, I almost didn't write it.

Since our anniversary fell on a Tuesday, and we were both free for the evening, we opted for the local weekly Food Truck festival. We can do a fancy dinner anytime. So we brought our dog and had an outdoor meal. Pizza, a burger, AND a chicken and waffle. (I'm supposed to be jogging not blogging  right now.)

Somehow I got Shawn's sick germs (and I haven't even kissed him for 3 days!). We came home and relaxed on the couch with hot tea and See's. Really, the best ending to a night. Well, if circumstances were healthier, I can thing of better things to do. But I have my sweet hubby here and we're playing tea.
These cute ring mugs were a wedding present. Cute bling addition to our stacks! Counting the ink, that SEVEN rings total.

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