Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Automatic y'all

Not bad, Aldi.
Wanna know our secret for saving money on groceries? Coupons, no, this is Florida and no one doubles. It never quite works out and I usually end up leaving the store with two boxes of brand name cookies that I never buy. I've probably said this before, but Aldi is super cheap for surprisingly good quality. I hope there is one in your neighborhood because I always hope the best for people.

Just make sure you have a case quarter.

So on the way from Aldi is The Flamingo Road Nursery's Farmers market. It's like a a mini Fresh Market. This is where I get bread,  milk and Boar's Head meats. They also have cage free farm fresh eggs. No offense, Aldi, but I still don't trust you on these items. I've seen too many documentaries and I've become more particular with age. But it's perfect, because it's on the same road (and they have samples)!

Last time I was there I stocked up on "Southern peaches." I wouldn't touch California peaches with a ten foot pole. It's not a southern thing, but a fruit thing. See for yourself.

Also, the sample guy was surprised that I answered his question of "What are going to cook tonight," with "squash casserole." Everyone else had said they were juicing for dinner. Sorry, dude, but I like to cook, and I get a self-serving sense of satisfaction from watching my husband eat. The South Beach diet can wait. It's not as fun watching him suck up dinner through a straw.

And it was a good casserole. (The Weaver D's recipe, here, but less butter/lard.) Automatic y'all!

Btw, that was a southern thing.

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