Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A slightly whiny registry tip

  Have a wedding or housewarming gift registry?

Here's a tip: Register for lots more dinner plates than you need!

See the above photo? There's no coming back. This plate had previously been reinforced with marine epoxy. You can see where that broke off, too. It looks like putty chips. :( :( I loved these. More sad faces. :(    

This sucks because now I only have four more of this color. They were my everyday dinner plates, so now I'm shopping for a new pattern. Of course, these are not made anymore. I think.

So my advice is if you're going this route of patterned plates that aren't in a store's normal stock, get like 19 of them. One day, when you get to that point where you have a 16 person dinner party, you would have probably broken a couple. Then you still have one extra. (Or just get white ones, and stop being difficult like me.)

Also, don't defrost a frozen chicken breast on your pretty plates. Get a white plate from the Dollar Tree for this, instead. I'm sure that crack started out as a microscopic fetus of a crack and grew with the radio waves.

So here are my options, what do you think? I like them patterned with some red.
1. Persimmon Plates
2. Tattered Lace Plates
3. Calico Red Plate
4. Beardy Man Plates,

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