Sunday, August 15, 2010

We are a Contest!

 Care to Join?

  Photography is important to me. So many artistic views of your event can be captured forever, making them a worthwhile investment. I love good photography as art up on my walls.

So why was finding a good photographer so hard to do? There are so many to choose from! Plus, it took me a while to decide our aesthetic. Naturally, 90 days prior to our event, everyone is booked. Well, every one affordable, that is. I really can't spend two grand on photography, even though I believe its worth every penny.

 I called Christopher Geotte, knowing he's shot this location  before. I liked his portfolio. He's very active with photography groups and setting up meeting ans mock shoots. He was booked, but came up with an interesting idea for the group:

Read about it here:

I like that it gives a budding artist a chance, as well as gives us the opportunity to decide.

Its a mutually symbiotic relationship.

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