Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mommy's in town!

outside Maria's
and my Manay Tina!

This weekend my mommy came to NC. We just hung around, visited some shops, met with the caterer and went out to eat a lot! Also,the Hubbs and I met with a DJ.
 ...and had a Smith Street Diner HUGE biscuit. They were real fresh 'cause it was early. YUM. Obvs, I took this home because I could only eat half of mine. This was Shawn's.
Bully wanted hugs.

We had a little photoshoot in our back yard with our little pony.

Seriously, this dog is gorgeous. Look at that sweet mouth.
Picture perfect.

 Dinner with my moms, Hubbs, & Cousin Tina

and my fortune was dead on:

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