Monday, January 24, 2011


Coca-Cola Cupcake from West Egg Cafe

  I don't feel very adult.  I got married, and that didn't do it. I turned the big three zero (I can't even say the number, still!).  I am pretty responsible.

I still don't feel very grown, except in the presence of let's say, twenty-one year olds. I walk the line between being fun and responsible but, you know, not overdoing it.  I think my Hubbs are still at a point where we haven't solidified our careers yet, nor own a home, or a boat. We are in the process.

Well this past weekend had some quality time with my mom. She gives me my birth certificate to keep. She may be moving soon, so it makes more sense for me to keep my documents. That kinda did it. I mean, even Shawn's mom still has his! I know its mine, but I always called my mom or went home if I needed any important documents.

One little certificate.*sigh*

baby holding practice
The weekend was so relaxing, though. My mom hooks it up. Shawn was so excited to be fed so heavily for every meal, especially home cooked Filipino food.

We toured the Sweetwater Brewery, saw Elliott Erwitt & Todd Selby at a gallery.

We saw some dear old friends, and their sweet little babies.

Wanna see:
Jackson Fine Art

Maybe this adult feeling is a good thing.

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