Sunday, October 24, 2010


...this one's a tear jerker, y'all. I recently remembered a promise a friend and I made almost ten years ago. Lindsay  P. was a roommate in college and she's a pretty cool girl. We hit it off and still keep in touch (the wonders of Facebook). I had to dig this out from our storage, afraid I had lost it, but I found it in the pages of an old journal:
It reads:
I, Leilani Reynante, promise here on December 4, 2001 (the day after Lindsay's 21st B-day) that Lindsay will be at my wedding 
                          X Leilani Reynante
PS,  we are @Speak Easy waiting for (ex-boyfriend) to finish his interview. (I just drank a chocolate cake)

Lindsay wrote this.

   Now, she wasn't at our actual wedding, but then again 9 people were including us. We didn't send out official invites, since we're doing a small  9 am wedding. I haven't seen her in years. I did send her an invitation to our reception, along with this paper and a note about how its funny that December 4 is Shawn & me's actual wedding day in 2009. Unfortunately, she can't make it due to the fact that she is putting herself through nursing school. I remember she was either going in to medicine or art. Maybe both?  I just had to send this to her, I mean I kept this all these years, different boy later, hoping I'd  stuff it into an invitation to send to her. I made sure to take a pic so I'll always have a copy.

I kept that promise as best as I could!

   Good friendships are indispensable. They require maintenance, as all things of quality do. Good friends   do things for you just because. Or they do things because that's what friends do. Kind of like an obligation, but with out the feeling of one. One thing I've learned through all this, is that your good friends will shine through and be there for you like no one else. Next time I will skip the wedding forums and just ask good friends for advice! I feel a lot closer to the friends that have helped me craft, and helped me with consultation about tables and stuff, when other plans fell through. This is why I love lending a hand to my friends' special occasions. It feels just as good on the receiving end.

Truly gems.

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  1. Leilani, this is so incredibly touching...truly brought tears to my eyes. You are an amazing person. Can't wait to meet the man who got your heart. Wish I could be there more than anything. Love you friend.