Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas at our house!

Only a couple days left until Christmas. The weather has been a cool 60 degrees. We're pretty ready, this year- all presents, bought, sent. Cards are sent, and I only lost a few addresses. The tree looks plump. Maybe next year we wont get such a big tree. It makes our presents look a little wimpy!

This year we went shopping together to pick out all the things we wanted and needed. It was perfect, though there are no surprises. Oh well, I know exactly what's under that tree, but I'm practicing willpower for Christmas! 

Bully is in the Christmas spirit, too. Got his jingle bells on...

the lighted Christmas balls have been improved:
 and the kitchen has seen some action. I love this turkey dish cloth:
What a great year it has been. Shawn and I are grateful for everything we've accomplished this year and years leading up to this. We are somewhat settled, and the next step, well, we'll see.

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