Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Morning

Our new toys!
Excellent Christmas morning!

The morning started with hugs and the realization that we are very blessed to have what we want and need, but we have our wonderful lives with each other. Listening to the morning radio, we reflected on the tragic events of the recent news. We shed some tears for lost lives and what seems like a world in despair.

A feeling of hope and love replaced the solemn, and we put on the Christmas tunes and coffee. This has been the best Christmas for us, personally. Just spending time with my husband is all I really want. (But I love my new Tiffany necklace!)

 We opened our gifts and ate a huge brunch. Belgian waffles, veggie sausage, Boar's Head real bacon, biscuits and gravy and eggs--I hooked it up! The best part of the morning was giving Bully his present: a "dinner plate" of squeaky stuffed toys. When I saw this at Target I had to. HAD TO. Not only do I love things that look like food (see above turkey towel and all those rice krispy turkeys I make), I love giving Bully stuffed toys. It's messy, but it's his favorite!

See how he enjoyed his dinner plate:
"Ohh a present! Papa, will help me open it?"
"Mmmm... corn!"
"Mmmm... turkey!"
"Have you any chives for my baker?"
"Pass the rolls, please."
"Mmmm, dinner rolls? Are these Sister Shuberts?"
"Well, I'm stuffed!"
 Merry Christmas! Wishing you all a warm, kind, and compassionate New Year.
Shawn, Leilani & Bully

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