Monday, April 12, 2010

My Thoughts exactly: From 2000 Dollar Budget Wedding: How to DJ Your Own Wedding with an iPod

Everything you need to know about planning a wedding, a reception, or whatever kind of party you are planning is out there. Thank you ladies for doing the work and letting me link to this post:

2000 Dollar Budget Wedding: How to DJ Your Own Wedding with an iPod

I do love a DJ, but we're cutting out anything we can do for ourselves. I like the point she makes about that friend that always changes the playlist. THERE WILL BE NONE OF THAT! Maybe we'll have someone guard the iPod?

I am envisioning  my 90's era college radio favorites from middle & early high school, my southern rap & R&B favorites from high school, such as OutKast's Rosa Parks, and Lauren Hill's Do Wop (That Thing). Luda and Usher, of course and my favorite danceable indie rock tunes. Not to mention the pop. There will be Gaga. Maybe Britney. I mean, Toxic brings the girls together! Shawn's part of the playlist will be a bit more country, since he was a country singer/songwriter at one point.


What do YOU think??

We want your suggestions. Plus, we will be dancing with you, so we'd rather it be something we all wanna dance to.


  1. Saw this site and thought of you. Have fun planning the wedding.

  2. Ohhh. Good stuff. Thanks for the suggestions!