Sunday, April 10, 2011

All our ducks in a row

from my friend's baby shower. it's a boy!

So far the transition into living in another state is going well. We have about a month left here and we've started the process of packing very early. We've discovered that banana boxes are the a mover's best friend. So waxy, and sturdy and have handles. And free. Shawn's called every grocer in town and made appointments to get these babies. (I recall from working in my father's fruit store that tomato boxes are ideal too. Lids & handles.)

   Lots of things are packed. Things we don't use everyday, like fancy glassware & dinnerware, and books we wonder why we've held onto in the first place. Winter stuff, if not already donated to Goodwill.

   Craigslist has been good to us. Sold the couch! Dresser, you are next. As if my clothes don't already live on the floor.

   I've stopped cooking a lot. My plan is to use all the ingredients in the fridge & cupboards, leaving less to toss out at moving time. Other than for eggs, milk, and some fresh items, I have haven't gone grocery shopping in about a month. Our meals are interesting, though. Lately, I'm making lots of Asian dishes because I've found two packs of spring roll wrappers and rice noodles. Last week it was Mexican, 'till I ran out of beans. We swore to keep it up until we're down to an onion, which we'll just have to batter & fry.

One really weird phenomenon is the going away party. Multiple people have asked us, "Are you having a party?"

 Um, as if are we throwing ourselves a going away party? Now my understanding is that one doesn't throw themselves a going away party, or a surprise party or a shower of any sort. I mean, I think birthday parties are acceptable. And people pay for their own weddings.

But, no. And no, we won't slip your birthday celebration into our going away party either. (Yeah, someone actually implied this.)

  If we had time, money and a clutter-free (I just choked with laughter) house, we wouldn't do that anyway. We've played host countless times.

That's what friends are for.

Now, its time to find out who's been really paying attention?
Partying among boxes marked "fragile?" I think not.

 The fact that we haven't locked down where we're going to live or where I'm going to work is reallllllllly, realllllly,  on our minds. Yikes. If I allowed myself to think about it for more than 2 minutes, my brain might explode. Then I'd have to clean the floor for the fifth time today.

In it together, though, right?

On a lighter side of things-

  This weekend was my friend's baby shower, which is an eye opener for those not in baby mode. I mean there are 21 different types of newborn diapers. Swaddlers, Snugglers, Cruisers, Sensitive. OMG. I am out of my element, I am thinking.

But I play it off real cool and talk about babies when my only reference is the 85lb dog I've had for about ten years. Kinda the same?


If you like duckies, this segment is for you.

One talented lady hand made this cake. One day this will be me.
It was delicious.
All my loot.

I contemplated photoshopping the bed head. Don't say this blog ain't real.
  There's my friend on the right, due in three weeks... one of my first friends when I moved to Greensboro. Four years ago we were concerned with which club to go to.

And now were both married to guys named Shawn/Sean (who actually have the same middle name, too. Weird).

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