Friday, February 28, 2014

Florida fresh

          It's harvest time year round here and that always amazes me. The sun and sea are the best parts of living in Florida, and little else matters. Not the stuff we aqcuire, not the restaurants we frequent, or the celebrities at drop thousands at clubs. South Florida's best feature is in its basic natural state, where things flourish or diminish in the hot sun, or get soothed or swept away by ocean waves.

Ok, enough about that, here are some plants growing around here:

The heirloom tomatoes above took me a year to grow from seed and finally they are vine ripe. I'm gonna eat the hell out of you, little fella.

I've managed to harvest a few garden veggies, such as okra and mustard greens. It's the tropical fruits that always amaze me like the coconuts, avocados, and mangoes. It makes me appreciate Florida and forget about the nightmares of my daily work commute. Nature, thank you.

Tata, off to enjoy this beautiful day!

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