Monday, January 14, 2013

Our Carolina Vacation

Good friends sitting in a big booth.
 We took a roadtrip to Greensboro, NC to visit Shawn's family and our friends. We took the time to lunch, supper, and toast to some good times. I checked out Blu Martini on Elm St. (Not the Blue Martini chains found in Florida), and invited everyone out for a cocktail.

Of Course, I made the crowd request a breakdance from you know who.

 But not until he had the floor wiped. Diva.
Most importantly, we spent quality time with Shawn's mom. Country park and Battleground park are the best places in Greensboro, and we went there everyday. Th air is crisp and Bully feels at home.
  And we had some Shawn & Leilani time, mostly on the road. 
On the dance floor
and in Savannah.

 It went by fast.

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