Friday, January 25, 2013

From Pinterest: Sassy Water

My fridge full of canned sass
I came across this pin from a friend, and was intrigued by the pic and the mention of "maintaining a flat belly". Naturally, I was intrugued because I like this kind of help. I am lover of breads and things that produce a fat belly, against my better judgement. I'm actually eating pizza right this very minute (but I added kale to it, points for that?)

Sassy water. I really just like the name and the blue mason jar in the pic. It's super refreshing and I suppose it's good to have around if you're detoxing. Definatey good at lunch, but may cause a belly ache in the am due to the ginger. The hubbs said he could drink a gallon of it after a run.

I for got to mention that I enjoy hearing the hubbs say things like "sassy water." I've infected his vernacular so much that most men would be embarrassed. Not him, though. He's comfortable with  sass.

It's easier to make a pitcher and pour into nice grab & go glasses like I did.

Here is a printable recipe from A Sweet Simple Life Blog.

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