Sunday, January 23, 2011

Anthropologie's Sister prepares to marry

Imagine this:
Anthropologie's spring '10 Beda Dress
  Crossed with this:
Oscar de La Renta
 Well, maybe not exactly.
But, then again, who knows? I'm pretty sure Oscar isn't designing for BHLDN just yet, though.
The dreamers behind Anthropologie will release their new sister brand BHLDN, the wedding brand, on-line this  
February 14!
So their talented collaborations with hmm..maybe Tracy Reese, may extend to this brand. Or imagine Leifsdottir pretty floral bridesmaids dresses?? Dammit, I 'm already married.

It will be exclusive on-line until this summer. Then, somewhere, some lucky city will host the first BHLDN store (maybe in the south?). I can spot an Anthro dress, accessory, or home item in every featured wedding on, so this is very appropriate. Long overdue, actually, especially for the woman who's needs weren't met by bridal shops. Women such as  myself, who chose a dress from here instead of the wedding gown. (And I'd wear it every single day if i could!)
Check out the preview shots on (or click here).
and check our their Facebook page.

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