Saturday, January 22, 2011

Some homespun comfort

The hubbs & I are spending a few days with my mom. We are eating a lot and doing some window shopping. We hit up all the usual spots, like the Buford Highway Farmer's market, the most awesome grocery store. I love the Russian candy aisle. I will also visit 2 of the 3 Anthros in the city. I just can't stay away.

My mom's place is like a B&B, except there is a spread for every meal. There is so much food here. We are pampered. There's just a certain something about seeing mommy. You get your batteries recharged. Maybe this is where I have learned the desire to feed people.

Also, this place is like a Bath & Body works. There are lotions soaps everywhere. I'm stocking up!

Off to Fellini's!

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