Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Recap: Our Tablescapes

   In the beginning, I planned to have quaint little teacups on the tables with blooms and herbs. I wanted people to be able to snip fresh herbs right off the table and season their dinner with them. And then take the teacups home with them. Well, that was ambitious!
   I ended up collecting white ceramic teapots, carafes, and creamer and sugar containers and filled them with flowers and eucalyptus. It was fun collecting the white ceramic pieces, which I got from Ross and a thrift store. I think I spent about $35 on them. The birdies sit in our kitchen and we use the pots & carafes now for our coffee & tea. Plus, some are stashed away for either sweet housewarming gifts or the next table design project. Go Ross!
   The flowers came from the Fresh Market. I literally went there that morning to pick them out. Our good friend accompanied me and lent me his discount (the home office is here), so I spent less than $50 on them.  They were super fresh and lasted about two weeks. Here I am putting them together:
photo courtesy of Lindsay Salet
On the table, Photo by Nick Sanders
Had extra for the cake, Nick Sanders

2 weeks later!
And above is another idea I had that never panned out. I bout these branchy lights from T.J.Maxx but forgot to use them on the day of.  I definitely recommend hiring someone who can help you remember these things! I did place the candles, however, on the tables, along with the paper flowers. Candles were $6 for 12 @ Big Lots.
I love bargain shopping! So if anyone has the need for these lighted branches, I have 4 and a little assortment of white ceramic serveware.

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