Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sigh... plans, ideas, and other cute stuff

So lately I've been scouring the numerous wedding blogs out there for inspiration, and let me tell you, there are tons of cute ideas. My ideal reception will be a reflection of me: a little cutesy, crafty, creative, and classic. I want to include my sentiments of saving the world and saving a little cash, too. I have found the most creative ladies out there typing up useful and sassy info about all things wedding. So I'll share with you what I think will work for Shawn & I.

Last night we went through some ideas and agreed on a few. They are totally easy to make!

I like this idea for our reception, especially like having our vows up there:

Now the red was for a Christmas party, and looks a little like something out of the Shining, so I was thinking light gray or silver.  

Love it!

On the table, I would love to have fresh herbs that guests could add to their food. I've got numerous projects in our yard. I think it would be cute to add potted plants with long ribbons as centerpieces or better yet, add these beauties:

Who wouldn't love to take home a teacup brimming with life? I'm really into plants lately. Its weird, the older I get the more I want to garden and bake. Where is this coming from???  
Truth is, I've always loved the idea of growing my own food. The economy of it, the freedom of not being subject to the grocer's selection. I love knowing where things come from, and the treatment of the people bring it to you. (ok off subject, focus) Plus, I love cake, so I want to become a better baker.

How Cute is that?????

We also found a cute idea for save the dates (which I find might be helpful for my local friends as well, everyone needs a little help remembering). Shawn didn't care for the photoshop googly eyes image I made. I cropped his head a bit too much. But the fact that he's loving it makes me feel better in having a partner who likes a project as much as I do ('cause there's alot alot a l o t of work ahead)!

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