Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring is a blessing & a curse.

At least I got some planting done before I got assaulted by nature's pollination schemes. But I am fully loaded on the cetrizine right now, so, maybe it won't be as bad this year????
So about my plants. I was fully determined that we moved into a house that I would grow a garden. Funny thing is, I've only tilled a plot about 2' X 3' and the rest are in pots. Renting just feels so temporary. Pots are portable! Plus, I wasn't sure where the sunny spots were in the yard and I had to watch Bully for a while to figure out where he liked to pee the most.
So far I have

romaine lettuce

 dill, mmm my favorite herb

Not to mention my tomatoes, basil, chives, rosemary and cukes. I've been told to watch out for those cukes. They invade other plants. I'll just keep them separate.

Last night after Mexican food we went to Coffeology for gelato. I sampled biscotti, but had cookies & cream, which I always do. Shawn had key lime pie and Brian had mint cookies & cream. It was good but I should have had the biscotti flavor.

Being the hoarder that I am, I realized hat the tiny plastic cups in which our gelato was served would make the perfect seedling starters. So I brought them home and also made identifiers with the tiny spoons. See?

The Bull loves his yard. He refused to come in from recess a couple of days ago when it was about 70 degrees. He's got some allergies right now so I gave him some benadryl. Pretty soon he'll wake up and drink the whole bowl of water.
This is him in his throne, the yard. I feel so happy that I could give him this again!

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