Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter was happy, thanks.

Hope you had a happy Easter! 

Our's was a good day. I worked in the AM, while Shawn attended church with his mom. They lunched, then came over to our house and we did some spring cleaning. I worked a bit on the garden, but I think I may have killed something in the transplant into the ground. I guess we shall see if it all makes it. 

Trial & error. That's how I do things.

Later that evening we went to a lovely dinner hosted by Chrissy, our friend Brian's lovely woman. She made duck confit. Very ambitious, yes. But very well done. Its was delicious!
Lookin' & cookin' good

Here's her family pooch, Maverick. He's a real sweetie, but let's just keep that on the low. Bully's kinda territorial.

Now its Monday and I have art classes again this week. Things will be due pretty soon. Ugh. 

On the bright side, I got to work a full week, did some party planning, and found our address book. Sent out the "we've moved" cards today and practiced the hand addressing of envelopes. Sooo, got some stuff done. 

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