Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Recap: Photo booth

Photo by NIck Sanders
  I think our little "photo booth" was a success. Judging from the pics we got from it, that is. It doesn't matter that we had to move it from its original location, which made most people miss it. "Photobooth, where was that?" Our little back drop and props (don't forget the props!) produced some presh photos. And that was the point.

Here's how we did ours:
1. Simple panel curtain. We only used one, but had we had more space, we would have used two.
2. Curtain rod suspended illegally on the pipes. Fire marshal no no. However, I couldn't locate the twine in time that I was originally going to use.
3. Props. We made the plywood "talk bubbles." We used a jigsaw to cut the shape, then sanded, and applied 3 coats of chalk paint, sanding in between coats.  Used 1/4 plywood.
Ready for chalk!
Photo by Nick Sanders
Awww, little love note.

The other props we used were googly eye glasses and a clown nose from the dollar tree. And let's not forget the wax lips.
So the cost was really low. The most expensive was the chalk paint and the curtain and curtain rods. We used what we had, no there was no added cost there. I suggest maybe borrowing some paint (we have extra!)  and finding plywood scraps.
Check it:
Photo by Bob Laigo

Photo by Bob Laigo
They got married about a week later!
 My mom's a good sport, too.

Photo by Bob Laigo
 This is very true.
Photo by Nick Sanders
 My good friend Lindsay, who just got engaged!
Photo by Nick Sanders
  Second cousin, Bob, in action.
photo by Nick Sanders
 Good Sport!
Photo by Nick Sanders
When you're done  you can put the glasses on the dog.
I must admit, I got the plywood talk bubble idea from the talented Brandy Schuman. Remember this from this summer:
Brandy in the blue top

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