Monday, November 15, 2010

Recap: Wax Lips

photo by Bob Laigo
...were probably the best investment we made for our little celebration. Something about 'em, I don't know, is so celebratory. They truly make ordinary photos quite comical.  All photos courtesy of Nicole Freda, unless otherwise noted.

Three gals & a hand? Add some lips, and BAM!
Ok, so solidarity isn't always the key.

Check 'em out:
Such camaraderie.
My second cousins. Photo courtesy of Bob Laigo. He doesn't knot it yet, though.
Brah hardly smiles in photos. Thank you, Lips!
Hey, Luke can sleep standing up!
Robot lip dance

      and then, things start to make no sense...unless, we all got stung by bees in the mouth.
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thumbs up
I got mine at Oriental Trading company, by far the best price out there. After all, who could put a price on these images????

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