Saturday, November 13, 2010

Our Guest Book

Our guest book wasn't a book at all. 

It was important to me to have some creative documentation of our guest attendance at our celebration. I wanted something that I could display in the house and see every day. I felt a book's covers would hide all the beautiful sentiments. I picked up come ceramic plates at the Dollar Tree and some paint pens at Michael's.

Of course, Martha gave me this idea. I love the variety on the wall here, and I plan to add a few more decorative plates.
How they did it.

Our special touches:
I made a small sign that read: Love is...please tell us what love means to you. 
I thought that glancing up at the plates and reading about love, since it was the reason we all came together, would be so nice. I also finished up with the dates on the top plate shown.

Across the top and bottom rim it reads: Shawn and Leilani married on December 4, 2009, and all our family and friends came together to celebrate our Love on 11. 5. 2010.

Here's the final result:
With our favorite wedding/ Bully photos
 a Bit closer
I took some liberties and filled in empty spaces

To make the paint stick on a ceramic surface, you can use paint pens made for ceramics. Some pens cure with time, and some you may nave to bake. I just used some matte lacquer and sprayed a thin coat on the surface, let it cure, then sprayed a couple more times.

I just love it!


  1. what a great idea!!! sorry we couldn't make it. having a family with little ones have that affect of being committed to whatever they're doing.

    glad that you had a wonderful celebration.

  2. So pretty! Can we send you a plate since we weren't able to be there?

  3. Of course, you can send a plate. I bet the girls would have fun writing on it! I will be collecting plates now.