Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Family & Friends

I finally found my camera cable!

Now, I don't have many reception pics yet. I 've got whatever have popped up on Facebook, and some my friends are going to send me. I probably have to wait a few weeks on the photographer's pics. Here is a raw image he loved and put up immediately on Facebook. Its pretty cute!
Nick Sanders gets all the credit
Breaking Bread at Taste of Thai
But here are some awesome pics of family and friends  from my camera from over the weekend. People came from Illinois, Michigan, Florida, Texas, Virginia, Georgia and Hawaii. Funny thing is, it was colder here than every one of those places, and we had a bonfire where most of the family huddled inside of our tiny house.  Sorry, guys. At least they were prepared and brought their coats. It was fun, though. Lisa & I won at Ladderball.

Check out these pretty people:
Mrs. Orteza and Lisa

Sisters: my aunt, left, and my mommy on the right
Ortezas, Reynantes, and Bangilans. Shawn was at work.

My beautiful friend Lindsay, and Her beau Donavan. Holding pillows they've given me.
Lindsay had this pillow custom made for us from Cozy Blue on Etsy.  So cute!
Our "photobooth"

Finishing up some welcome bags with Lindsay
Some last minute prep
Shawn serenading us
The pic above is the only picture I took at the anniversary reception/marriage celebration. As I sobbed with emotion.

 The next night we had a bonfire/cookout. Who knew corn cups melted in 2 seconds? It was fascinating. Later we went out for a beer or two.
Melanie & Mike flew from Hawaii
Brian, Chrissy, and Melaniie
Scott & Brah
Colleen & Jesse on the left drove from Michigan. Lovely Erin on the right
Mike, Shawn, and Kevin. Buddies from the Navy. Sooo glad they could make it.
Me and the sailors

    Breakfast the next morning at Smith Street Diner with family, and Lunch immediately after that at Bravo with friends. I ate so much this weekend. I had to show everyone our favorite breakfast joint. Everyone took pics of the giant biscuits.
Mommy, cousin Frank, his wife Karen, sister, and JP
Plus me
The wax lips were a hit!
That't what I've got for today. Stay tuned for more pics. my friends have some HILLARIOUS ones that I'm trying to wrangle from them!

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