Sunday, November 7, 2010

Updates from the Whitmires IV

  Done and Done!

  I can finally sit back, relax, and reflect. The last guest has left our company. Pic are starting to be posted on Facebook and I'm trying to get our house back in order. Shawn went to work today.

It was a blast!

We had a wonderful celebration with the family and friends that mean the world to us. We reunited, partied, toasted and ATE.  We ate a lot.

I am really relieved that its over, as planning this took a lot of my time. However, I enjoyed the whole process (well, mostly), and felt the overwhelming love at the result.

I realized I have really awesome friends, and an amazing and generous family. I realized I have an amazing husband. His acoustic set really knocked the socks off of everyone, including myself. He sounded better than I have ever heard, and I've heard him practicing at home countless times. I joked the next morning that he is my "trophy husband," 'cause I felt like I was showing him off all of Friday night. He dances well, too. Breakdances, even!
 I learned to embrace these things I love, and let go of all the disappointments...

So, pretty soon, I'll let you know how it all went down, but right now, I need to find out where we put everything... this house had been nuts!

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