Tuesday, January 11, 2011

More dresses-I just can't help it.

Right. I shouldn't be looming at wedding dresses anymore. I wasn't even a wedding dress kind of girl. I couldn't help sharing these. I stumbled across this site on my daily blog reads and couldn't not share it. Plus, a dear friend of mine just got engaged so now I find the relevance in sharing these dresses again. She appreciated it.

Light in the box.com. Check it out!

Its hard to find an appropriate short wedding dress, or fabulous reception/after party dress. Especially ones this cheap. They are all custom made, you send them measurements, and make sure you get your finishing touches done by a professional. There is a reason these models look this good. Oh, and the fact the are six feet and size 2. You can look up each model's measurements for perspective.
$99!!! from here

from here.
 This was is only 139.99. There's a lot of skin showing, but imaging how fun it would be to dance in it!
get it here.
Then this little gem. Its 99 dollars. That's crazy. I kind of want it. It's super couture. If I had to do it differently, I'd wear this dress, or have bridesmaids wear it. The photos would look like a Vogue spread of a modern Robert Plant shoot or something like that.
from here
And this beauty is just so precious. I love the sweetheart neckline. It's so darling, even for formals, or bridesmaids. Its shown in teal, but other colors are available. 99 dollars. seriously. somebody buy this.

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