Friday, May 24, 2013

Momcation, Part 1

Here we are at Chuck's Steakhouse. Photo via Instagram after a BeautifulMess App touch up.
Here is this household, Momcation, means my mom visits for a week. Shawn & I take a vacation from work and host her or go on a short road trip. Momcation means mom, mangoes, and  May (or June). She basically babies us by cooking. Our pantry is full, our fridge is full, and so are our hearts.

Momcation is like a break from adulthood!

My momma arrived and we weren't quite ready for her. It takes a visitor to get us to get our butts in gear, meaning she should visit more often. Shawn spent the majority of the day transporting a sleeper sofa to the house. Then, after dinner, they spent the majority of the evening trying to squeeze it into the guest room. There was lots of hammering and some dismantling. In the end, she slept on the couch. (I offered our room, to be fair, but she said the couch was very comfy. I am a good kid, I swear!) I snapped a pic from said comfy couch:

I am a good kid, but a little lazy after dinner. Also, three's company when you're squeezing a couch into a narrow doorway. Lots of stray fingers.

The next day was a thunderstorm of a mess. It rained all afternoon and foiled some plans. So we watched the Great Gatsby beached it up the next day.

                 Shawn's helping her face the waves-sooooo sweet!
 And the the clouds come
 Here in South Florida, we calculate the best "beach hours" by checking the hourly forecast.
The later part of the day was all about checking out Farmer's Markets, Nurseries, Sawgrass Mills mall, the Italian market, and the Asian Market. 

 Here we are at Flamingo Gardens looking at mango trees. I forgot to mention the first thing my mom did the morning after we arrived was buy 24 mangoes from our neighbor. We're deep on mango madness here. Shawn expects a cubed mango after ever meal now.
 Anyway, it's dinnertime (mom's cooking is another post), so I'll write about our trip to the Keys soon!


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