Sunday, May 26, 2013

Momcation, Part 2: The Keys!!

We dropped my mom off at the airport and she's currently in the sky. We had a great time this week, especially at Anne's Beach in Islamorada in the Florida Keys. I love this spot for it's proximity, it's calm shallow waters, and for its feeling of exclusivity. We visit this beach quite a bit. It's literally right in the middle of the ocean. 

We had the best day kicking back beers and waters, playing frisbee and playing in the warm waters of the Atlantic.

We stayed at Harbor Lights Motel this time. A motel on an island is automatically better than a motel on the main land! Relaxing around:
 Breakfast of pastries and fruit. One of the many mangoes we consumed this week.
Bully found some time in his busy schedule to relax.

More family portraits!
We called this bird Pickles. We loved watching his sweet bent beak & claws extract the sunflower seeds we were feeding him.

Family Portrait time again:
 Did you know Islamorada is the Sport fishing Capital of the World?
 At the Pier of the Islander Resort. It takes forever for a fisherman to explain what chum is. But I figured it out. We caught 4 fish and a crab!
  Highlights of the trip:
  Mom's: everything. 
Mine: Anne's Beach. 
Shawn's: exploring shops
Shops and restaurants along the Overseas Hwy look cheesy from the outside. Very deceiving!  We enjoyed Bentley's Seafood Restaurant, Bitton's Bistro Cafe, and Lattitude 25 (you can see Shawn & Bully on their Facebook Page, btw.)
 and we can't forget the Shula Burger. Here's my Shula Salad. It's basically a burger with out a bun. It's perfect because it comes with 5 fries and 3 onion rings. I only half as guilty eating it.
We had the best time. For only being an hour and a half away, it's the best escape from another paradise that is Ft. Lauderdale. If you visit us, we'll share our favorite places with you, and will be willing to discover more! 

'Till Next time!


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