Monday, May 27, 2013

Wedding Ring Tattos- Then & Now

at Anne's Beach

      About a year and a half ago we got the ring ink. Remember this post and this post?

They have since faded a bit, and the white ink is gone. Don't they look cool in the sand & sun, though? Below is fresh from the parlor.

       I don't feel so guilty when I forget to put my ring back on after cleaning it. It feels so coastal cool to hang in the water all day with my ring finger stamped with our love.

     People still have concerns, like it's a little too permanent... but then, so is 'till death do us part.

And they still have questions like so what happens when one of you dies and you have this tattoo and you want to remarry? 

 To which we answer, we're living every moment together to the fullest and we celebrating our marriage in the here and now

There's also, what's the point if you wear your wedding rings over it?

 We simply say, we're not taking jewelry with us when we die, but we still want to wear a wedding ring

Plus, this whole outdoors  thing... I feel so tribal, so basic in the water with nothing but an body marking and a bathing suit! Nature doesn't need our diamonds & gold.

I've never felt something so power and so permanent than the love of my husband.

I'm pretty sure my head will just explode when I meet my first kid.

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