Friday, October 7, 2011

Ring Tattoos

Last night we went out for a drink or two to McSorleys. Heard about the place but never been. There was a crowd of about 10 people there which made it a good night to try out a new place. We met Kim Bokamper, to whom I said, "I really enjoy your establishment." Lame, maybe, he seemed to like hearing that.

 After a nice stroll around the block we headed back to the car. I mentioned that we still time left on the meter. We spotted Bulldog tattoo across the street, and I asked him,

"Wanna get a tattoo?"
"Sure, let's go!"

I was totally down for it, as I've mentioned wanting a ring tattoo. I asked him twice if he was sure.

So we did it!
Here is his, mine is still a little puffy. I'll post pics later.

Our idea behind the  finger ink is that this ring really is permanent. When we die, we are not bringing jewelry with us. Instead, we'll hand it down to our children. We still want a "ring," on our bodies, to take with us to the afterlife. Shawn said the word "casket" so many times last night the tattoo artist got freaked out a bit. I think it's romantic, wearing a ring under our rings. Also, when we work out or go to the beach, we take them off, but the ink will stay!

It was kind of surreal to get a tat on such a whim, and I was like, did we really do that? When my finger hurt this morning, I remembered and did not regret. It's kind of cool having a matching tattoo with my best friend.

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