Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Adventures in Kansas City

   Going to a new city and acting like a tourist with the one you love is so romantic and adventurous. It tops a cruise any day. Maps, busy streets, landmarks; they're all so exciting. Goofy photo shoots are exciting, too! Check out our adventures from "the Paris of the Plains."

There are fountains a plenty in the Plaza:
 Hubbs' iPhone takes superior pics. I became obssessed  and "checked-in" everywhere.
 A prarie squirrel.
 The Plaza is the nation's oldest outdoor shopping and dining center. The architecture is borrowed from Sevilla, Spain. I've been there, and yes, it was quite similar.

Beautiful skyline. Then, I spotted a Topsy's, a candy and popcorn store, and had to go in.

 Historic Brazilian Currascurria, oooh must be circa 1610!
 Home to Hallmark, H&R Block, and AMC theaters.
 A bridge over A river where you can ride a Gondola!
 We ended up behind bars.
Then we got free, so we celebrated with cupcakes.

 The redvelvet and the gold digger from here. We checked them out after dinner, but were stuffed. We took a stroll and came back a hour later only to find the Mamma Mia sold out! But all was well, she gave me one for free! The next day we walked around Crowne Center (as in Hallmark Crowne).
 Lunched outdoors, then checked out a craft market of Hallmark artists, a Hallmarket? A talented bunch!
 Where should we go next?  We are thinking Washington, D.C.

Since I think we'll be here for Thanksgiving and Chrismas, maybe Disneyworld?

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