Monday, October 3, 2011

The Story of Lindsay & Donavan

    (Disclaimer: This is really my story, or their story as I saw it. Since it is my blog, and all! Here is their story in their own words:
   I met Lindsay at Sutton Middle School in Atlanta, Ga. We were eleven. I thought she was pretty cool, as she was in an equivalent smart "team" with all the other cool kids. She had great bangs, too. I was really self conscious of my bangs because I had cut them myself right before the first day of school. Way too short. Anyway, somehow Lindsay and I started to become friendly. I think we had mutual friends and liked each other's shirts. Later, Lindsay told me she thought I was cool because I always had lots of candy (Kids remember this, candy=cool). We both have a huge sweet tooth, though hers may be stronger than mine.
    Throughout middle school, and high school, I realized Lindsay was smart, sensitive, and super talented. She always had her stuff together. We ended up transferring to UGA and reconnected there. Even lived in the same house for a summer. That's where I fully understood her love of Daschounds.
  After college, she eventually moved to Kansas City for Hallmark. We shared hand written letters. She started dating Donavan. They dated long distance! I met him at our friend's wedding in Athens, where she met Shawn. Our first impressions were that each other man was quiet. Time went on, and I saw they were having so much fun. They came back our way for our reception. Donavan's subtle sense of humor became evident, and he was obviously sweet on Lindsay. I could also tell something big might happen in their future....and he asked her to marry him later that year!

What a perfect day!

They played the Beetles! In My Life is one of my favorites.
Her adorable nephew and niece, the ring bearer and flower girl:

 Here they come:
  Happy Guests!!

 The Happy Couple, cute, eh?
Personal touches everywhere! The details:
Congrats Lindsay & Donavan! Enjoy forever with your best friend!
                                              Leilani and Shawn

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