Monday, November 19, 2012

Mrs. Wedding ring gloves

I made them myself!!

Oh how I love all things bridal, newlywed, and pretty. And funny how I wanted nothing very bridal for myself, and dreamed of eloping. (We didn't, though.). 

I saw these gloves at anthro in 2009, and I thought they were adorable, but not for me. 
I think I've lost part of that demure quality about myself. I didn't want to attract much attention. I totally would rock them now. The bigger the better! 

 But they are not available. 

So I made them.

and they cost about three dollars!
thread & needle:: I had
gloves:: $1 from Jo-ann
crystal button:: $5.50 for 2 from Jo-ann
buttons:: I had.

They are so easy to make and will be lovely gifts for any Mrs! I will gift this to my newly married sis next week. (Surprise?!)

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