Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas 2013: Recap

    This Christmas we hosted our family in Florida!  Both moms, my sister, and her husband and their dog, Kiba flew in to celebrate with us. We spent the last two years in orphanhood at the houses of wonderful friends and co-workers, and on both Christmases Shawn worked. I was a bit mopey last year. Finally, I thought, a Christmas that can be spent with our actual relatives!

    We spent the morning making casseroles. Lots of casseroles. There was a hash brown casserole, green bean casserole, and a cauliflower mac and cheese. There was also my mother's lumpia, and the star of the show, a ten pound Honey Baked ham. This was the best dinner we had at our house since it became our house, hands down!

 Here's the table setting, including my favorite Florence Balducci plates, and my new Linea Carta from Anthropologie. I found the rosemary branch napkin ring idea on Pinterest, originally from here,  and plucked them from my yard:

and the grace:

and my hubbs enjoying lumpia
we even lit the cheese cake for the Birthday, ya know, the reason for the season:
 oh, and the gifts:

 Hope your Christmas was Merry! Happy New Year!


  1. How much fun! Is there also a mini-portrait of ShaLaBully for Kiba's crate décor‎?

  2. Kiba got a big mint, as he is not a big fan of Bully