Sunday, January 12, 2014

Holiday family time... in collages

      We went from a 2 person and a dog household to a 6 person, two dog household this holiday season.   I wanted to make sure they got the most out of their experience here, so instead of naps, I planned activities.  I even went to a few places myself for the first time. South Florida isn't that big after all. I may have had a slight thing in the past about crossing certain streets, as if I were going too far and needed to turn around. I love exploring and learning new things daily, but I have a cap. And when I reach that cap, I just go back home. Perfectly logical?
     While it was a blast, Shawn and I were exhausted because we still worked full time. We vowed to do nothing after they left but rest with out toes in the sand. And did just that. In fact, he had to stop me from throwing a fondue party. Glad he did, folks.

Glad he did. 
(And now the collages...!) 

Collage 1:
from Top Left and clockwise
Water Taxi Galleria Stop
Collage 2:
Hosreback riding at  Bar-B-Ranch
Collage 3:
Scoring a free taxi ride
Collage 4:
Playing with my new fondue pot!
Picture 2: Conch fritters and Gator Ribs at Coconuts
Collage 5:
Fire show and dancers at Mai Kai
The North Pole 100,000 Christmas lights display house
and Gatorpoop ads in Lauderdale-by-the-Sea

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