Friday, December 27, 2013

A Meg Hamilton Dress Sketch for Christmas!

On their wedding day.

    I was so excited to share the Christmas present we got for my sister and her hubby: A custom wedding gown sketch from Meg Hamilton Weddings. Meg creates an fashion sketch of your wedding down, groom's tux, and bridesmaid's dresses. She will highlight special details of your choosing. It's such a great unique gift. 

      I've got a friend getting married soon, who plans to sell her dress after her wedding...this sketch is an awesome way to "preserve" the dress. I would totally rather store  this on my wall rather than a gown in a closet.

    I may even have my dress sketched. You may remember I didn't do a wedding gown, and I actually still wear the dress. I made a tradition to wear it for dinner on our anniversary, so it won't last forever, but the drawing may endure!

My sister and her hubby loved it!

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