Thursday, May 5, 2011

Do us a favor with your wedding favors, please.

If you choose to go the route of the wedding favor, may I make a request? 

Keep these in mind:

A stacked box center piece. Two birds with one beautifully crafted stone. From Martha Stewart weddings.
 Get on the Macaron trend. Cute, tasty, French. From Nicole Lee Chocolates on Etsy.
Muslin Drawstring bags to hols seeds or edibles. $10 for 10. From Be Collective on Etsy.
What I wanted to do, but never got to. Take home herb pots that guests can use during their meal. Martha, who else?
Cherry bombs: affordable DIY project  that I would love to receive as a favor. Wink* From Martha, here is the how to.
    My favorite wedding favors are edibles, seeds, plants, or CDs. Not glass. Please, no glass. Your friends may have to move one day, so don't be hurt if your glass frames containing you and your hubby's best beach picture don't make the move. Edibles are so perfect, they can be enjoyed and will be appreciated. You can wrap a Hershey's bar with your pic and call it a day. Little paper wrappers or flags are good for the scrapbook.

Favors are not mandatory, but are a nice "thank you." You can do them cheaply yourself. In fact, my candy buffet favor boxes came from T.J. Maxx  (100 for $12), and most of the nostalgic candy was from the Dollar Tree. Just look around if you have the time.

For our candy buffet, I chose my fav nostalgic candy:
Peach Rings (ode to my Georgia roots)
Necco Wafers
Atkinson peanut butter bars
Custom & Fall colored M&Ms
Pixy Stix

I dyed the ribbon orange when I was making the orange paper flowers. Photo by Nick Sanders.
Custom M&Ms were a splurge, but so cool!

I used an Ikea spaghetti jar to house this candy.

Pixy Stix Shots!!

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