Monday, September 27, 2010

An easy, economical, fun, DIY project that's pretty, too

Last week I crafted. A lot.  I made over twenty of these orange flowers, and I still may make more.
 They are super easy to make.  The secret ingredient?

 Coffee Filters!
 So here's how I made them:

  • 1 or 2 packs of coffee filters
  • sewing needle
  • thread
  • little puffy balls for the craft store, maybe cotton balls would work
  • Rit tangerine dye
  • Bucket
    • I started with several coffee filters. The less you use you will get a carnation effect, the more, sort of a weathered azalea. I'd probably use about 12 or so for each flower.
    • Thread the needle, loop it around a fuzzy craft ball a few times to make it secure,
    • Push the needle through the filters' open side, separating each layer
    • When you have your desired flower size, fasten with a fuzzy ball on the filters' flat ends, looping to secure.
    The first ones might be a little funky until you make more,  as you decide how you like them.

    Coloring them:
    • You can use spray paint or a dyebath. I was already dying other things orange, so I used the dye
    For a solid color flower, dunk.  Then hang to dry. This is there those little white balls come in handy , with the dunking and the hanging. For a creamsicle like effect I dunked a couple sides,  leaving some white. I twisted the layers when dry. For color on the petal edges, I dipped a foam brush in the dye and brushed the flower with it. They're very absorbent, but tough and not a one ripped.

    The one on the left is solid, and the middle one is merely kissed with color.

    They remind me of the Mobile Azalea Trail Maids:

    I used to watch these ladies every fourth of July parade in downtown Atl, spinning and twirling those parasols. They must have been sweating their petals off.
     So what to do with these after November?

    a mass piling on a shelf?

    or littering the mantel?

    feel free to take 'em home with you.


    1. Leilani- Your flowers are GORGEOUS! I will definitely be taking one (if not more) home with me. I love this craft idea and will for sure be using it down the road. Thanks my friend!

    2. sure, I have FIFTY! Hey I added you to my vendor's list.