Saturday, May 14, 2011

Problem Child

Hey guys, please help. My mom and dad are messing everything up again. They're always making messes and stacking things high so I have nowhere to lay. This week they cleaned up our house, which was nice for a change. I had a lot of room. But then mommy and I sat in the car again for a very long time. We saw some of my brown family, and my lola. That was nice. Then we got back in the car and stayed there all day. I just kept flipping back and forth in the back seat. I was cramped. 

I haven't eaten until yesterday. Mommy wasn't giving me soup any more, just dry kibbles.

We stayed in this room last night. I rode an elevator for the first time. Then today I got in the car again for a little while and came to this place. There are boxes everywhere again. I stayed on the patio all evening while they put them inside. I made sure no one came to bother our house. I bark at everyone coming towards our house and it works because they don't come and bother us. I love that I can see everything below.

Well, I hope tomorrow I get to go for another walk. The trees are different here and I saw lots of lizards today.

Please tell my mommy and daddy to give me more room. They are so messy lately.


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